SilentCroc offers training courses in topography and orienteering. The courses are intended for anyone over sixteen years old.

SilentCroc organizes topography and orienteering courses through a training methodology able to bring even the beginner to acquire an excellent theoretical/practical level. The topics covered in the topography and orienteering courses will provide an important wealth of knowledge applicable both in leisure time and in professional activities in remote areas.

The strengths characterizing SilentCroc’s training activity are the advanced planning of itineraries, the study of the area of interest, contingency plans, use of specific tools and programs related to the work area.

The topography and orienteering courses proposed by SilentCroc are intended for an audience sixteen years old and over, they are organized in:

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The topography and orienteering courses offered by SilentCroc are full of practical exercises and are conducted in any weather condition.

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For more information on the Topography and Orienteering courses organized by SilentCroc it is possible to send an email to or call +393475920582..

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