SilentCroc Survival Courses: The courses provide participants with tools to deal with unforeseen events in remote, urban or wild areas. Everyone 16 years old and over can participate.

The survival courses organized by SilentCroc have as their primary objective to get out of the survival condition.

In modern society, the term survival appears anachronistic, related to a hobby or to the desire to test oneself. In fact, there are countless unforeseen events behind the false sense of well-being and security in which we live. Hence the need to equip ourselves with personal tools capable of facing them in the best possible way.

To this end SilentCroc offers three survival courses, three real training experiences, which are:

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Although they are developed in different areas, the three experiences share the same basic rules.

The higher the mindset, physical preparation and technical skills are, the lower the perception of “catastrophic event” by the person involved will be. Survival begins when the catastrophic event takes over the stakeholders.

Searching for a contact, signaling one’s position, lighting a fire, building shelter and obtaining drinking water are basic concepts that, if applied correctly, will allow us to return to a condition under our control, suffering the least possible damage both physically and mentally.

SilentCroc’s proposed survival course is not bushcraft and is not a purely military experience suitable only for those with military backgrounds. SilentCroc offers experiences open to all those who, for professional needs (military, cooperating, contract operators, etc.) or for personal reasons, want to acquire effective techniques and have guidelines to follow in case of need.

Everything you try has been extensively tested both in training and actual conducted activities.

For more information about SilentCroc Survival courses you can send an email to or contact us at  +393475920582.. On the page there is a button to contact us via whatsapp.

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